Three Rental Options for Seniors

As the baby boomer generation ages into retirement, many of the children of boomers are going to be looking for a good home for their parents. Much of the housing stock will have aged out, and many boomers will remain active for quite a long time into their retirement years. While the generation before was looking for assisted living facilities and other specialized living situations, this generation will be more active. This may pose a bit of a problem for some boomer children.

But as with everything else, new ways of living in a communal situation are popping up all the time. These are the kind of living facilities that reflect the inventive spirit of many boomers, and of course the huge amount of wealth that is tied up in many boomers accounts. Here are three options that have begun to grow in acceptance as the boomers age out of their sprawling homes and look for new solutions.

Sports Centered Communities

This concept began in the southwest with the arrival of golf course centered communities, but it has spread beyond this to a wide number of other sports. Since many boomer elders remain active well past retirement age this serves to give them both a community of like-minded people and a place to keep their activities up and ensure a long and healthy life.

Places such as Vail in Colorado have seen an uptick in sports-minded seniors who want to ski in the winter and hike the mountains in the summer. Small Southern California beach communities see more seniors living year round. These are often couples who wintered in these sunny climates during their early retirement years and then fell in love with the easy lifestyle and comfortable climate. Wherever there are active seniors expect to find communities popping up as time goes by.

Urban Communities

On the other side of the coin are the active seniors who love an urban lifestyle and now find the time to be truly involved with it. Condos are springing up in many cities that are designed for senior living and we don’t mean bingo halls and shuffleboard games. Many urban seniors are interested in cultural activities and become the mainstay for volunteer groups at museums, parks and other urban establishments.

You will see them working in soup kitchens in the worst parts of town or driving the more elderly and frail of their community to shops and doctor’s appointments. Because the best medical facilities are often in urban centers, expect to see some seniors with medical conditions who choose the city for convenience and then fall in love with everything a big city has to offer.

Heading Back to the Farm

The other big exodus that took many by surprise was the movement of many of the senior “old hippies” to small rural communities and farms. Many of these seniors in fact never left the area and will tell you tales of returning to the land back in the sixties and never going away.

They can be found leading workshops on everything from organic farming skills to yoga breathing techniques. They have becomes major contributors of their small rural communities and continue to involved with many aspects of rural life.