Five Reasons You Should Add a Drop Arm Awning to Your Home

An awning can be a great addition to any home, especially homes located in areas that are fraught with sunshine and hot weather. Awnings have been quite common for over a century now, and they continue to be a part of many homes across the globe today. Choosing an awning to add to your home may be a tricky undertaking, but a drop arm awning may be the most versatile and well-liked outdoor implement of all. Awnings are such a great option for those who want access to temporary and optional shade. Drop arm awnings are also great for those who like to switch things up instead of consistently keeping the awning in one place.

Here are five reasons as to why you should choose to add a drop arm awning to your home.

Drop Arm Awnings Are Easy to Use

Drop arm awnings are incredibly easy to use for all types of people, regardless of their age. They can be raised and lowered manually with a hand crank, or a motorised mechanism can help operate them with additional ease. The motorised option is especially good for those who can’t operate a manual crank for any reason. Some motorised awnings even feature wind and sun sensors that operate the drop arm mechanism automatically, which accommodates and protects you and your home from the weather without any extra effort on your part.

Drop Arm Awnings Are Great for Ventilation

All types of awnings are great for ventilation; particularly drop arm awnings. In fact, adding an awning to your home can significantly improve the air circulation around your property. In fact, you can leave your awning up and still ventilate your home very well without any obstructions. This is because there is enough space between your awning and your siding for air to pass through. However, if it gets too windy or if a storm is about to come barrelling through, you should retract your awning because the wind can damage the mechanism.

Provide Shade and Shelter

Drop arm awnings are great for providing shelter and shade as well, depending on the weather. No matter rain or shine, an awning can help improve your outdoor space. You can also control how far your awning extends, depending on what you need to cover at the time.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Awnings are not only excellent for weather protection, but also for improving the energy efficiency around your home. This is because you can provide shade to the windows of your home during the hotter months of the year, effectively lowering the portion of your energy bills that would have been used for air conditioning. Keeping your home cooler without any additional power usage is both environmentally conscious and economic.

Drop Arm Awnings Are Flexible

Drop arm awnings can benefit your home in many different ways, including with their flexibility and versatility. There are so many different styles and sizes of drop arm awnings available that you’re bound to find one that suits you perfectly. If not, you can also have your awning custom made specifically for you. Many different patterns, sizes, textures, and materials are available to suit any home and homeowner.

Choosing drop arm awnings in Melbourne should be exciting and simple, as it is a great investment for you as a homeowner.